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    Grid for simple data management

    mysimplegrid is the first model-driven spreadsheet that lets you organize any type of daily information. With mysimplegrid, you play with the data in a constrained environment, you collaborate and integrate the information. Stop managing related data in a classic spreadsheet and benefit from its simplicity.

    Its flexibilty is your time saver.

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    mysimplegrid is part of these tools that are changing your way of managing data. It is not limited to one application. What would you use a spreadsheet for ? Just accounting? No, you build lists, we all need to build lists. But with mysimplegrid we believe that lists can be complex, containing related informations. Try it right now, with no registration !

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Why mysimplegrid is Different

Try the first model-driven spreadsheet in the cloud

  • 1Build it

    • Features
      Build a datamodel made with Itemtypes containing properties for which you define data-types.
    • Solutions
      Build your datamodel first, before filling your data. You get a constraining structure for long term quality data.
  • 2Fill it

    • Features
      Fill out the grid with items of various datatypes like images, QR codes, files, and many more to come.
    • Solutions
      Classic spreadsheet are mainly about text entries. Today we need to easily embed files and other types.
  • 3Sort it

    • Features
      mysimplegrid spreadsheets are easy to use. The UI makes it intuitive to sort and move data.
    • Solutions
      Stop managing independant cells. your data need a clear structure to move objects around.
  • 4Share it

    • Features
      Once your structure and your data is set up, share it in the cloud to enhance collaboration.
    • Solutions
      Collaborators are constrained by your datamodel. You can keep a quality dataset.

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Why Choose mysimplegrid

Stop managing data in a classic spreadsheet

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